Bobbette and Belle Pastry Shop Cakes


During popular weekends we often reach maximum
order capacity. book early to avoid disappointment.


Orders must be placed a minimum of 48 hours in advance by
emailing us at or by calling
our order desk Monday to Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm at
416 466 8800.




* Please note that all of our round pastry shop cakes are three layers of cake and filling. Slab cakes are two
layers of cake and one layer of filling. The signature and the premium cakes have the same number of servings.



6 to 10





12 to 18





24 to 30





35 to 50




Slab Cake 75 to 100 servings   º   Signature Flavour  $200   º   Premium Flavour  $250


Premium Pastry Shop Cakes

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The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

For the ultimate chocolate lover we've filled three layers
of super moist chocolate cake with rich chocolate fudge frosting and then finished it with chocolate buttercream, poured chocolate ganache, and chunks of our chewy homemade brownies. The term "Death by Chocolate" applies, but we prefer to call it "Heaven by Chocolate".

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Salted Caramel Toffee Cake

This is the perfect selection for those of you who love
a decadent cake but want a delicious alternative
to chocolate. It features three layers of our classic vanilla cake filled with homemade salted caramel buttercream, toffee pieces and caramel drizzle. The cake is then finished with chunks of our Bobbette & Belle English toffee, more caramel, and just a touch of edible gold leaf.

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Carrot Cake

This is another top seller at Bobbette & Belle,
like the Chocolate Hazelnut cake, it has been with
us since we opened and with good reason.
It is a rich, moist, yet light Carrot cake filled with
cream cheese buttercream, topped with toasted pecans
and homemade caramel. (It's also raisin free!)

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Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Our number one selling cake! This has been the
favourite cake in our shop since we opened.
Moist layers of chocolate cake filled with hazelnut
chocolate ganache made from imported Italian Gianduja. The outside is finished in hazelnut chocolate buttercream covered in crunchy hazelnut pieces and topped
with curls of imported hazelnut chocolate.

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Banana Chocolate Fudge

This rich three layer cake features our moist banana chocolate chip cake filled with our chocolate fudge frosting. As if that weren't enough, we've topped it with chocolate buttercream and poured chocolate ganache. This has been the favourite groom's cake selection for years so we knew it would make a hit pastry shop cake as well.


Signature Pastry Shop Cakes

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Classic Vanilla

This is an absolute classic. Made from our signature made-from-scratch vanilla butter cake, layered with Madagascar vanilla frosting that is a touch sweeter than buttercream
but also packed with rich vanilla flavour. The outside of the cake is is finished in vanilla buttercream for the best
of both worlds. Rainbow sprinkles add a vintage party flare.

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Classic Chocolate

Our signature chocolate cake is comprised of three
layers of or rich moist chocolate cake filled with
chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream.
This chocolate cake is a great alternative for those who
love chocolate but prefer it on the lighter side.

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Cookies & Cream

Our rich moist chocolate cake layered with chunky
Oreo's mixed with homemade classic vanilla frosting.
The outside is finished in vanilla buttercream
and topped with Oreo chunks and poured chocolate ganache. The only thing better than the outside of this
cake is the cookies and cream surprise inside.

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Red Velvet

This is a southern classic and we know how to bake it just
right. Super moist red velvet layers made in the traditional
way, including sour cream for added moisture. The cake
is layered with delicious cream cheese buttercream.

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Lemon Cream

Our Lemon Cream cake is assembled with layers of classic
vanilla cake filled with house made creamy lemon curd.
The outside is finished in lemon buttercream with a delicate
piped ruffle top. The effect is both rich and refreshing.

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Mango Passionfruit

This cake sounds exotic but it is a definite palate pleaser
in any season. Our mango passionfruit buttercream
has been a favourite wedding cake flavour for the past
ten years. In this version we've paired it with vanilla cake
to create a bright fresh flavour combination that is a
nice departure from more traditional options.

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Raspberry Vanilla

Our classic vanilla cake paired with raspberry buttercream
made from fresh raspberry puree. The outside is finished
with vanilla buttercream and topped with soft pink
sugar pearls. This is a fresh alternative to an all vanilla cake.

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Raspberry Chocolate

Our rich moist chocolate cake layered with fresh
raspberry buttercream. The outside of the cake is finished
in chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with sugar
pearls. Chocolate and raspberry are a classic pairing
that pleases a wide range of palates.

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Gluten Free Chocolate*

Our gluten free chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
is just like the real thing. Nobody would ever know
it's gluten free. It is the perfect combination for those of you
who love chocolate and rich creamy chocolate buttercream.
Even the rainbow sprinkles are gluten free!

*Please note that while this recipe does not contain
gluten, we are not a certified gluten free facility
and there is a small risk of cross contamination.

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Gluten Free Vanilla*

We did it again! A gluten free cake that is delicious
and has a wonderful texture. Three layers of
vanilla cake are filled with vanilla frosting,
finished on the outside with vanilla buttercream,
and topped with gluten free rainbow sprinkles.

*Please note that while this recipe does not contain
gluten, we are not a certified gluten free facility
and there is a small risk of cross contamination.

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Chocolate Vanilla

The best of both worlds! This cake combines our rich
chocolate cake with vanilla frosting filling. The cake is then
masked with vanilla buttercream and finished with rainbow
sprinkles. This cake will surely please everyone's palate.


Decorative Finishes

We are often asked for a decorative cake option that falls somewhere in-between our pastry shop cakes
and our decorative fondant cakes. The options below do exactly that. Macarons and handmade
sugar flowers are items we consider particularly Bobbette & Belle, so we are very pleased to be able
to offer them as part of our new Decorative finish options.


Please note that for the options below you may select any flavour combination from the cakes above
(including premium flavours) however, all cakes with decorative finishes will be finished on the outside with
textured vanilla buttercream in our signature swirl pattern in order to keep the look cohesive.

The Macaron Lover

This macaron adorned cake combines two of the things that Bobbette & Belle does best, cake and french macarons!
It features textured vanilla buttercream in a swirl pattern on
the outside of the cake and a ring of our famous French Macarons all around the outer edge of the top of the cake.

Simply select your cake flavour and for the topper, choose either the assorted macarons depicted or select up to three of our signature macaron flavours that will be repeated around the top. Please see our Macaron Menu for colours and flavours.

*Please note that our macaron shell colours are paired with set flavours that cannot be customized for this design.

The following prices include the cake itself
and the macaron finish:

6" round: $65.00 (includes 9 french macaron)

8" round $100.00 (includes 14 french macaron)

10" round: $140.00 (includes 18 french macaron)

*please contact us for pricing on versions over 10".

Edible Image Topper

Edible images are a great way to include a picture, a logo
or a graphic design on your cake. Simply provide us with a clear picture, graphic or logo and we will size it to fit your selected
cake size up to a maximum of 7" by 9.5".

Cakes with an edible image may be any flavour but
must be finished on the outside with vanilla buttercream
in our signature swirl pattern.

Single edible image up to 7" x 9.5": $25.00

Edible images are tricky and often take
several attempts to get it just right. Please note
the following to help facilitate our success:

We recommend allowing us to crop the image into a circle
at our discretion as it tends to look better on a round cake, however, we are happy to print the shape you supply as well.

Our printer uses vegetable based ink and as such
we can not guarantee colour matching to your original
picture, however, we do find that the vast majority
of customers are very happy with the results.

We affix our edible images to a very thin sugar base before applying it to the cake so that the edges are clean looking and the picture can be removed prior to serving should you desire.

If you would like a plaque included with your cake but there
is not enough room on the top with the picture, we will provide it in a separate package for you to place at your discretion.
We do not pipe messages directly onto the cake.

Unfortunately we cannot edit your edible image in any way, we can only size it to fit the cake. Please provide us with the quality and colour of image/graphic you would like to see on the cake.


Additional Enhancements

The following items may be added to any of the decorative cakes as an enhancement.
Plaques may be added to any cake, including ones with no decorative finish.

Sugar Plaque
with gold piping and scalloped edge

Please note we do not pipe messages directly onto cakes.

Complimentary Sugar Plaque

The following phrases are complimentary with any cake purchase (signature, premium or decorative):

Happy Birthday


Happy Anniversary

Custom Sugar Plaques

Custom messages in gold piping
(up to 30 characters): $5.00

*Please note that our plaques are in cursive writing only. Unfortunately we can not accommodate requests for piped pictures, logos or anything other than writing. We would recommend an edible image for theses types of items.

Coloured Buttercream Finish

We can finish the outside of the cake with coloured vanilla buttercream in the following shades: soft pink, soft turquoise blue
or soft pistachio green. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate requests for custom coloured buttercream for pastry shop cakes.

Coloured Buttercream: $10.00

Bakery cakes must be ordered 48 hours in advance and are subject to availability.

Orders are available for pick up during regular pastry shop hours.